Labour wants a death tax of 15% on top of inheritance tax of 40%

Labour has resurrected plans for a 15 per cent “death tax” to pay for people’s care in old age.

Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary, said he wants Labour to “embrace” a system where social care is funded by imposing another tax on estates when people die.

This is not a new Labour idea. They planned to bring in a 10 per cent levy on estates to pay for social care before the 2010 general election but realised it would not be popular.

At the Fabians Summer Conference in June, Mr Burnham said he was personally in favour of a new tax on estates.

Labour is holding “internal party discussions” about imposing the controversial tax. Hardworking families will be forced to sell the modest family home to pay the “death tax”.

Families, on low to medium incomes often have grown up children living at home. A house worth £150,000 would result in the children having to find an extra £22,500 in tax. Who has that sort of money? Would the children then be evicted?

Labour have not changed. They continue to want to spend your money even when you die.

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Garden party last night to thank supporters and to introduce our new PPC

Last night we had a fantastic garden party on the banks of the Cam. I was given the opportunity to thank our supporters and helpers for all their efforts.

I was also able to introduce our new Cambridge City Conservative team. Some of what I said I reproduce below.

“Let me introduce John Hayward, our deputy chairman political. John has a lot of experience campaigning in Kent and more recently in Cambridge. John will be key to managing our campaigning moving forward. If you want to get more involved and I encourage you to then he is your contact.

You all know Linda, of course, well she is our deputy responsible for fund raising and membership. Linda is passionate about our association and raising money for it. I thought I saw a tear or two in her eyes when she realized this was a free event. Please support all her hard work raising as much money as we can.

Next up is Stephen Howarth who as of last week has volunteered to take over as treasurer. I say volunteered but… It is a perfect moment to thank James Strachan, our previous treasurer. James worked tirelessly for this association in just about every post this is for 38 years and we all owe him a debt of gratitude.

Then of course we have Sarah Carrick our constituency coordinator. Sarah is a paid officer and as her title says coordinates and manages much of the procedural activity including elections.

Providing top cover and keeping me out of trouble is our President Richard Balfe. Richard, as a member of the House of Lords is an invaluable conduit into Parliament and our party hierarchy.

And now I turn to our newest member of the team.

Last night we selected Chamali Fernado as our prospective parliamentary candidate. She is an exciting find and someone who can help snatch this city back. Chamali is a top notch candidate who I have every faith in.”

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Cambridge Conservatives choose candidate to stand as MP

It was my privilege to chair the Special General Meeting of the Cambridge City Conservative Association tonight. This was the climax to a long process.

We started off advertising the post and then sifted down  the many, many applications to just 8. Last Sunday the Executive Committee interviewed all eight and narrowed this down to a short list who were interviewed today by the whole of our association.

DIA_9104 small

All the candidates were excellent which shows how well Cambridge is thought of. Interestingly, we had a great mix of candidates with females dominating the final short list.

Chamali has been campaigning in Cambridge for some time. I have met her, and her very supportive parents, many times and have been impressed by her energy, passion and determination to win. She is clearly bright and an effective advocate, which is why she is a successful barrister I guess.

I know she is off hunting for accommodation in Cambridge this weekend as she intends living here right away. But not before she is on BBC radio Cambridge at 0715 tomorrow morning. Please listen out for her.

One interesting fact from the past is that she used to be a senior Lib Dem before seeing the light. We will hear more of this over the coming weeks, I’m sure.

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Cambridge Conservatives select Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

Cambridge Conservatives have selected their candidate to fight the Cambridge seat in the 2015 General Election.
DIA_9104 small

At a Special General Meeting of members of the Cambridge Conservative Association, Chamali Fernando was adopted as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Cambridge.

Chamali Fernando, 35, female, Barrister said “I am delighted to be provided the opportunity to champion issues that matter to the people of Cambridge whilst ensuring politics becomes more relevant, welcoming and representative of society.”

She went on to say “The plan I will set out to achieve success for households, businesses and organisations of Cambridge is ambitious, bold and different.”

Chamali continued by saying “It would be an honour to serve the people of this beautiful City as their next Member of Parliament. Few cities in the world have the wealth of knowledge, expertise and dynamism that we are fortunate to hold at our fingertips. There are two great universities which demonstrate our potential; one is a national treasure and the other, a gateway to learning in an ever-changing global economy.”

Nick Clarke, Chairman of the Cambridge Conservative Association said “We are delighted to have such an excellent candidate to fight this seat. At the last General Election we came second and are now well placed to win.”

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Conservative thank you event – Saturday

I’m looking forward to a big thank you event this Saturday in Cambridge. It’s being held at the home of one of our fantastic supporters.

A couple of hours of networking, a few words from me and a chance to meet our new MP candidate who will hopefully be selected on Friday. And a rare occurrence for political party events, it’s free.

It is important to say thank you to helpers particularly as we continue to build our delivery network across the city. The basics of political electioneering have not been our strongest point in recent years but we now understand the issues and are making real headway in putting in place the right teams for the job.

I’m taking my grandson, who is four, so let’s see what he makes of it. I’m hoping for chocolate biscuits or ice cream to keep him happy whilst granddad does his stuff.

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Cambridge Conservative PPC selection.

On Sunday the Cambridge Conservative Executive Committee spent all day interviewing the “long list” of candidates

Each candidate was asked four set questions and then faced probing questions from the floor. Each Executive Committee member scored each candidate on a range of attributes and then all the results were collated.

It was a long day. Chairing a succession of repeat interviews is always tiring particularly when you are aiming for a fair and consistent process for all candidates.

All the candidates performed well. It was great to see such a wide range of experience, skills and qualities. All the candidates will make superb MPs.

We believe we have put forward a small number with star quality to our short list. Next Friday our full association will get to choose our PPC from the short list.

I wish the candidates all the very best.

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Philip Hammond has said that Europe must be reformed.

The EU has become too big, too bossy and too interfering. The status quo is not acceptable, and people across Europe want change.

So that’s why Conservatives have a very clear plan. We want to renegotiate Britain’s relationship with the European Union – and then give people an in-out referendum by the end of 2017.

This is only going to happen though if Conservatives are in power after the next election. Labour and the Lib Dems don’t want a referendum and UKIP can’t deliver one.

The only way to get change in Europe – and the only way to get a referendum – is by voting Conservative next year.

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