Conservatives in Cambridge deliver over 36000 leaflets over the weekend

Our newly selected Prospective parliamentary candidate, Chamali Fernando, led a huge posse of Conservative activists over the weekend in delivering over 36000 leaflets.

Feed back on the doorstep was fantastic.

It is so pleasing to see so many people starting to put a hand up and say ” I want to help and get involved”.

I have taken so many calls from Cambridge City folk who want to give a hand returning the City to Conservative hands. This is not ideology nor tribal. It seems much more to do with not wanting Labour to be allowed to wreck the economy again and at long last the Conservatives in Cambridge are a credible force.

For too long people have voted tactically for Lib Dems to keep Labour out. Now that the Lib Dems are so unpopular and with a growing and strengthening Conservative party it seems a vote for Conservatives is not a wasted vote.

And this is just the start.

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Papworth Summers field estate broadband update

I have been in contact with the senior officer, at the county council, who is responsible for the broadband rollout project. Our cabinet falls outside of the Connecting  Cambridgeshire programme because it is privately funded by David Wilson Homes which makes it slightly harder to get information.

However,  I am reliably informed that the fibre cabinet will be installed in November.

The council have checked the planning notices and can see that the survey work has been completed, a location has been identified for the cabinet and it is expected that the preparation work for the installation will start soon.

I am pleased that things are moving along and grateful to David Wilson Homes, BT and the County Council for taking pragmatic steps to ensure our estate will not be left out.

Now we must wait.

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Rotherham – Labours reaction

It is interesting to watch the Rotherham child abuse atrocity unfold. All our thoughts must be for the victims and families affected by this dreadful episode.

But it is also interesting to watch the Labour Party and how it is reacting.

Not so long ago Harriet Harman was closely linked to the Paedophile Information Exchange through her work with what is now known as Liberty.

She did not resign nor was she suspended from the Labour Party despite her and her husband obviously bringing the Labour party into disrepute.

The Labour leadership did not appear to threaten suspension from the party nor do I remember any calls for her to resign. Was it because she had been the deputy leader of the Labour Party? It is hard to see how others might have survived.

Now we have the Rotherham scandal, on the watch of a Labour controlled council, with a Labour MP and when most of the repulsive activity was carried out with a Labour government in power.

The Labour Leader of the council has rightly resigned. But now we see the threat of suspension from the Labour Party has resulted in the Labour PCC, Shaun Wright, resigning from the Labour Party. He has clearly jumped before being pushed.

The Labour MP has turned on him as has the Labour Party leadership. What is not clear to me is why? Is it because he was the Cabinet member responsible for safeguarding children a number of years ago? Or is it because he is now the PCC responsible for the police that performed badly in its duty to uphold the law. But of course he is the PCC after the fact.

Or is it the much more likely reason that an election is approaching and the Labour leadership needs to clean this up as quickly as possible?

What needs to happen is a full review of who knew what and who did what with a comparison against what should have happened. Those responsible for the failings and it will involve many, should then take responsibility for the failings. That might mean resignations of politicians or officers both at the council or within the Police Force or elsewhere. Or it might mean disciplinary action.

But, let’s not let Labours attempt to sweep it away quickly, by forcing Shaun to resign, mean that the real issues are missed. Rotherham needs a significant cultural change and that won’t happen if Shaun takes all the blame.

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Labour want welfare handouts to rise by £54,000 in London ???

Labour would scrap the Conservative benefit cap in favour of a new system that would see welfare handouts rise by up to £54,000 in London.

Four years ago we inherited a welfare system from Labour that had utterly failed – 1.4 million people spent almost a decade living on out-of-work benefits.

That’s why Conservatives made fixing welfare a key part of our long-term economic plan. Conservatives want to end the cycle of dependency and reward the willingness to work. So we capped benefits, meaning no one can claim more than the average family earns by going out to work.

But Labour haven’t learnt their lesson. They would take us back to the days of unjustified benefit handouts by scrapping our cap, and increasing payments by up to £54,000 in London. That’s a slap in the face for the hardworking taxpayers who would have to pay for it. Only by sticking to our plan will we end the cycle of welfare dependency and secure a brighter future for Britain.

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Labour let down our young people

Labour have no right to talk about young people’s living standards. In government they wrecked the economy. They left young people poorer, with huge government debts to repay, and an uncertain future ahead of them. And they now want to do it all again by raising taxes on jobs.

When the Conservatives came to office we made realistic assessments about what had to be done, and took the difficult decisions needed to get the deficit down and the economy improving. These are now paying off. There are 1.8 million more people in work, the economy is growing, and the deficit is down by over a third, meaning young people now have a more secure future ahead of them.

Labour’s plans for more spending, more borrowing and higher taxes are exactly what got us into a mess before. Making the same mistakes again would put everything achieved at risk. We need to stick to our long-term economic plan which is delivering a better and brighter future for young people.

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Cambridge City Needs YOU!

Calling all citizens of Cambridge.

We’ve selected our PPC … Now the action really begins.

We have selected Chamali Fernando as the Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate to fight the Cambridge City seat in the 2015 General Election.

Now we all need to help her to campaign across the City in order to ensure that the Conservatives reclaim the seat in nine months’ time.  If you can help deliver leaflets or to canvass – starting now- then please contact her on

We also need to recruit a full team of candidates for the City Council.  Would you be interested in standing in the ward where you live?  If so, let our Constituency Development Officer Sarah Carrick know on or 07808 047452.

If not, we need you to help identify local residents who would be interested in making a difference to their local community.  Please think of the various clubs and societies that you attend and make a point in the coming days to ask at least one person if they have ever considered public service. The deadline for the first round of applications is midday on Tuesday 2nd September.

In the 2010 general election, the Conservative Party came second in Cambridge and, given the recent collapse in support for the Liberal Democrats both nationally and across the city, we are best placed to offer the residents of Cambridge a genuine alternative to what is now a Labour-led City Council. So, it is an exciting time to join the team!

We look forward to hearing from you soon and to raising the Conservative profile again across Cambridge.


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There are 265 days until Election Day

We are campaigning to secure a better future for Britain and deliver a Conservative majority in 2015.

This week, we saw more positive news that our long-term economic plan is building a brighter future for Britain.

· Fastest growing employment rate in the G7. New figures from the Office for National Statistics show that unemployment has had its largest annual fall in 25 years, with youth unemployment seeing its steepest annual fall since records began 30 years ago. That’s more people than ever with the security of a job and the confidence to make plans for the future

· Record university places. Yesterday it was announced that record numbers of students have been offered university places next year, giving more young people the opportunity to reach their potential and build the best possible future for themselves. While we were able to lift the cap on the number of student places this year, next year we are abolishing the cap entirely

· Best growth since the end of 2007. And today, the ONS revised their growth estimate for year to June 2014 up to 3.2% – further evidence that thanks to the hard work and determination of the British people a stronger, healthier economy is being built

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