Unemployment down again.

Unemployment has fallen again – meaning there are now 1.5 million more people in work since the last election

These strong jobs numbers are very good news – and are compelling evidence that our long-term economic plan is working. There are now a record number of jobs in Britain – and we have taken a further step in meeting the ambition the Chancellor has set for full employment. Every job created means another family with greater economic security and the prospect of a brighter future.

These remain difficult times for families facing pressures on their budgets, and much work needs still to be done to build a resilient economy. But these figures support the argument we have made all along that the only way to see rising living standards is to grow the economy.

Labour left nearly half a million more people without a job and Ed Miliband predicted that our economic plan would ‘lead to the disappearance of a million jobs’. But there are now 1.5 million more people in work and unemployment is down 251,000 on the election. Labour’s wild predictions about our economic plan have been exposed for the short-term politicking that they always were. Labour don’t have a long-term plan to secure Britain’s future – all they care about is their own short-term self-interest.

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Conservative East of England European Campaign Launch – Wednesday 23rd April 2014

I am looking forward to a great day on the 23rd. It is the Conservative launch of the European Campaign. It’s fitting that it is St George’s day with the Conservative party standing up for thus great county of ours.

We have a full day. First up is the official launch with Eric Pickles Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government joining our MEPs and candidates at the St Johns Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 0WS at 12:00 noon. We are also expecting a significant number of local members.

Then we are off manning a high profile stand, with MEPs and candidates in attendance followed by a serious canvassing session.

I am pleased that we local Cambridge Conservatives have been able to attract such a high profile launch to Cambridge. Things are starting to happen for Conservatives in Cambridge and it feels good.

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Labour – a powerful brand but no substance and no economic plan

I am always amazed by voter loyalty. I guess it is a bit like buying into a known brand that lots of others buy. It feels safe in a group and not everyone can be wrong, can they? Similarly, some people support a football club however badly they perform, what ever the disastrous consequences for a Saturday afternoon.

Those that vote Labour seem particularly loyal and appear to see things through rose tinted spectacles. I guess Labour supporters buy into the redistribution of wealth concept. Take money from those that have it and give it to those that don’t.

Higher taxes on the wealthy and middle income earners to support those on benefits is the plan. This plays into the cliche of the working class marching to London for a job which at the time would have been appropriate but now is not. The old class wars are dead. We have a huge and growing middle ( no ) class.

The Union led Labour Party would try to convince us that everyone is downtrodden and unsuccessful. This is very far from the truth. The vast majority in this country are proud to be independently supporting their families, working to better themselves and see opportunity not negativity.

So, if Labour still see redistribution of wealth as a key aim what about wealth creation to fund it? I can’t see a plan. In fact when you get past the increasingly weak cost of living argument I don’t see anything at all.

All party’s want everybody to be better off. Why wouldn’t they? So what is the Labour plan to achieve this? All I can see is redistribution which in itself does nothing to generate wealth, worse it obstructs it.

Let’s look at Ed Balls record and see how he helped generate wealth for this county.

As an advisor to Gordon Brown, Balls encouraged the annual £5 Billion raid on private and company pension funds (Oct 1997). This directly affected all those who rely on pensions since that date. I conclude Ed Balls sees all pensioners as wealthy and needed to have that taken off them as redistribution.

Then he encouraged Brown to sell our gold reserves (having notified the market first) at the lowest prices, losing our country the equivalent of £11 Billion. That is a lot of money and seemed to have no basis except to cover up excessive spending by the Labour government. It potentially weakened our credit rating which could have increased interest rates for everyone including the young trying to buy a house.

Then Ed Balls encouraged local councils to double their council tax, introduced the fuel duty escalator, increased over one hundred and eleven other taxes.

None of which generated any additional wealth. So, Mr Balls, if you want to redistribute wealth you need to find a way of generating it first and a high tax, business unfriendly environment is not the way to do it.

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Are Cambridge City officers too close to Lib Dem party?

Local authorities depend on the political neutrality of officers. Officers must be independent and as importantly seen to be independent.

Sometimes organisations get too cosy. Sometimes council officers get caught up in the moment and without adequate supervision and the right culture they cross a line. It seems to me that when a council officer is promoting a Lib Dem manifesto using a semi official twitter account that is a step too far.

This morning it was made public, on twitter, that the Mill Road coordinator, appears to be promoting the Liberal Democrat manifesto. They retweeted one of Kilian Bourkes tweets.

Under normal circumstances political bias from officers is inappropriate but actively promoting a political parties manifesto just before an election is either a deliberate political act or an act of gross misconduct.

I question the use of tax payers money in promoting political parties, something this government expressly prohibits.

Not too long ago the same twitter account seemed to be promoting Julian Hupperts activities. If these coordinating roles are being used to promote political activity then the roles should go.

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Conservative action day in Newnham – great feedback

On Saturday we had an action day in Newnham. Over a dozen of us went out and about delivering leaflets and canvassing on behalf of Joanna Anscombe-Bell. Joanna is energetic, thoughtful and lives in Newnham.

We had a great response on the doorstep. A lot of people pledged their support and we picked up some new activists happy to deliver leaflets.

Some people observed we were the first Conservatives they had seen for years. Well people had better get used to seeing us, right across the City. As we reshape out association we will continue to build our network of activists. It is encouraging that so many are now offering to help. This is just the start.

It was also interesting to hear a number of people, who have voted Lib Dem in the past, will now vote Green. Not a single person was prepared to say they will vote Lib Dem.

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Cambridge Conservatives having an impact

Cambridge Conservatives have been working hard to ensure we sit very firmly in the centre of the region and that we have influence. I want each and every one of the over 12000 voters who voted Conservative at the last general election to know their vote counts.

It seems we are being rewarded already. Conservative central office are presenting Cambridge Conservatives with a real opportunity.

I can’t say much yet but watch this space for more news soon. Keep your diaries clear for the 23rd April.

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Conservative coffee morning – lots of new members and and MEP

This morning I attended a fabulous Conservative coffee morning in Cambridge. It was great to see so many people there all enjoying themselves .

We had a number of new members turn up with some expressing an interest in standing for election, at all levels of government.

I was able to speak for a few minutes on my favourite subject. I reminded everyone that the Conservatives came second at the last GE in 2010 and that we are a force to be reckoned with. Heads up, rosettes on with a positive message for the people of Cambridge.

David Campbell Bannerman was our guest speaker. He spoke eloquently on likely voting patterns and how we must seize the moment. It is only the Conservative party that can deliver on a referendum on the EU.

And, I bought a lovely lemon cake. Perfect.

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